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Cleaning method of imitation rabbit fur fabric

Sep 15/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

The cleaning steps of imitation rabbit fur fabric are as follows:
1. First of all, you must choose the appropriate water temperature, which is generally maintained at about 30 degrees Celsius.
2. Secondly, pay attention to choosing a neutral detergent and add a little salt to the water, so that the effect of anti-hair loss will be better.
3. Try to avoid rubbing hard or using a washboard when cleaning, and rinse gently with water.
4. After washing, rinse with water two or three times, and then put it in cold water with rice vinegar and soak it for about three minutes.
5. When washing and drying sweaters, you should pay attention to using net pockets, which can prevent serious deformation of sweaters.
6. After fully drying, it should be neatly stacked in an airtight plastic bag.