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The maintenance of the fabric is very important

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The maintenance of the fabric is very important

Jan 23/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

First. The clothing is stored in a dry place or put in a polyethylene bag to avoid moldy fabric due to high humidity. Anti-mold finishing of fabrics is also one of the ways to prevent mildew.

Second. Prevent clothing from deterioration during storage  

1. Brittle clothing: The reasons for brittle clothing are as follows:

(1)  Pest and mildew;
(2) Finishing agents and dyes are hydrolyzed and oxidized due to sunlight and moisture. For example, sulfuric acid released from sulfur dye dyeing will make the fiber brittle;
(3) The effect of residues on fibers, such as oxidation of residual chlorine;
(4)  In the storage environment, light or heat will also make the fiber brittle

2. Discoloration of clothing

The causes of clothing discoloration are generally as follows:
Due to the oxidation of air, the fabric becomes yellow, such as the yellowing of silk fabrics and nylon fabrics; the yellowing of the fabrics due to the deterioration of finishing agents such as fluorescent brighteners;
In the storage environment, the grade material turns yellow due to the effect of light or heat;
Fading of dyed fabric due to sublimation of dye;
The fabric is discolored due to the oxidation of the oil and the evaporation of the residual solvent.  

Third. Storage of various clothing

1. Cotton and linen clothing: This clothing should be dried before being stored in a wardrobe or polyethylene bag, and the shades should be stored separately. Wardrobes and polyethylene bags should be dry, and mothballs can be placed inside (wrapped in paper, not in direct contact with clothing) to prevent clothing from moth.

2. Woolen clothing: This clothing should be placed in a dry place. When stuffed into woolen clothes and pants are mixed and stored, they should be wrapped in clean cloth or paper to prevent the fluff from staining other garments. It is best to ventilate 1-2 times a month to prevent insects.

All kinds of woolen clothes should be hung and stored in the closet. When putting it in the box, turn the reverse side of the clothes outward to prevent fading and weathering.  、

3. Chemical fiber clothing   
Man-made fiber clothing (rayon, rayon, etc.) should be laid flat, and should not be hung in the cabinet for a long time to avoid stretching due to dangling. If it is a fabric blended with natural fibers, you can put a small amount of mothballs (do not directly contact with clothes). For clothing made of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon, it is not necessary to put mothballs, let alone sanitary balls, so as to prevent the diphenols from causing damage to clothing and fabrics.