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Advantages and disadvantages of mink fleece sweaters

Apr 25/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

Advantages: Mink velvet has a good feel and a very comfortable skin-friendly feel, which is very comfortable to wear and has a good thermal insulation effect. However, the fibers of mink down are very short, so it is difficult to make wool. In fact, in many productions, other animal plush fibers, such as rabbit hair, are added. The mink products made in this way will lose hair after washing. The phenomenon.
Disadvantages: Mink down sweaters will pilling, which is common to all sweaters. Don't panic when you encounter mink down sweaters pilling. Pilling is a common feature of woolen products. In the process of wearing and using wool fabrics, the short fibers protruding from the surface of the fabric are easily entangled into balls, which affect the appearance and cause felting. Especially high-end products need to be close-fitting, soft and smooth.

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