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DongJing Group. is a

China recycled faux fur fabrics manufacturers and faux fur fabrics suppliers

, we are pays attention to our brand credit. In the aspects of fabric analysis and development with continuous innovation technology and professional collaboration team, we implement scientific and efficient control of the quality control points of faux fur fabric processes, which can effectively realize high quality control to achieve commitments to quality and delivery from customers.
  • Independent fabric
    development capability

    Our recycled faux fur fabrics meet various process needs in various application fields which can be compared with real fur.

  • Large-scale production
    capacity supply

    Based on the smooth supply chain advantage and scientific production, large orders can be completed in time with high quality.

  • Competitive cost

    With large-scale production effect, our faux fur fabric has a comprehensive cost advantages to help customers optimize procurement costs.

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We will develop new recycled faux fur fabrics on our own, and we will develop hundreds of products for different market groups every year.

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