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Artificial fur is entering the Chinese era, East long artificial fur is leading a new trend of high-end fashion

Jan 21/2020 / news / Author: DongJing

Artificial fur is entering the Chinese era. East longitude artificial fur is leading the new trend of high-end fashion

      The fur in traditional ideas has always played the role of "complex" in plundering blood and unreachable. It is against such a stereotyped background of thousands of years that many Chinese enterprises are trying to break through the limitations and raise a green artificial fur revolution, bringing a brand-new experience of quality, fashion and environmental protection to apparel manufacturers and consumers. Dongjing Artificial Fur (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is one of the most representative enterprises. As a world-renowned leader in artificial fur, the company combines the latest fashion trends and interprets the combination of modern and classic artificial fur works. It is widely recognized by domestic and foreign high-end market clothing brands and has written a new chapter in the high-quality development of green high-end artificial fur.

Artificial fur is marching into the Chinese era, "Innovation" of artificial leather in the East is opening a new blue ocean in the industry

   In recent years, China's fur industry has sprung up and continued to maintain rapid growth. From imitation and follow-up to leading the world, artificial fur is entering the Chinese era. As a leader in the industry, Dongjing Artificial Fur (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. integrates the design, development, production and operation of recycled fabrics and the manufacture of home textiles and craft toys. Since its establishment, it has been characterized by excellent design, high-quality raw materials, superb and unique The quality craftsmanship enjoys a good reputation in the industry, and has won many awards such as China Fabric Star Most Market Value Award, Eco-Environmental Protection Fabric Innovation Excellence Award, Popular Fabric Excellence Award, Fashion Fabric Design Competition Innovation Technology Award and many others. After years of hard work, the East Long artificial fur has established a strong high-end artificial fur empire and developed into one of the largest fur production bases in the country. It has long-term cooperation with international top clothing manufacturers, and its products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. , Russia and other countries and regions.

   At present, as "refusing to use fur" has gradually become a consensus in the fashion industry, the pace of transformation and upgrading of the traditional fabric industry is accelerating. During the interview, the reporter saw in the production workshop of Dongjing Artificial Fur (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. that one machine was running at a high speed, and more than a thousand workers were busy in an orderly manner. Mr. Cen Qichu, Chairman of Dongjing Group, said that if the company wants to develop rapidly, it must constantly inject new vitality. Dongjing Group has brought together more than 100 professional and technical personnel and introduced countries and regions such as Taiwan, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and Italy. Advanced equipment and raw materials, as well as cooperation with Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other international key universities, have developed many industry-leading innovative products such as small gold mink, Ai Meili, Persian high, and hairless mink, which are widely favored by global high-end clothing brands. Some people in the industry believe that Dongjing artificial fur, which brings no less than 50 new product developments every year, has almost achieved the ultimate in high-end artificial green fur.


Dongjing Artificial fur leads a new height of fashion with "green", helping Chinese fur to move from a big country to a strong country

       Any well-known enterprise standing on the front line of the industry has a profound cultural heritage, and East Long artificial fur is no exception. For a long time, Dongjing artificial fur, which has always adhered to the vision of "making high-end green artificial fur and letting fashion enter into thousands of households", has created its own "green military camp" corporate core culture, and every transformation of Dongjing artificial fur series products All fully conveyed the company's green commitment, green responsibility, green care and green harmony to the society.

       According to Mr. Cen Qichu, Chairman of Dongjing Group, the Dongjing recycled fabric series uses 100% recycled recycled fabrics and has passed the global recycling standard GRS certification. Not only is ZARA and other international brands of artificial fur fabrics designated suppliers, but also widely used in Children's clothing production line with the highest environmental protection requirements. It is understood that the East Long artificial fur is currently the designated supplier of well-known domestic and foreign brands such as H&M, Marks&Spencer, PULL&BEAR, Hailan House, Metersbonwe, Semir, Yichun, etc. Under the advanced operation concept and scientific market layout , Dongjing Artificial Fur (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. has an average annual sales of more than 1 billion, and is constantly setting new records.

        In the interview, Mr. Cen Qichu, Chairman of Dongjing Group, said that in the next few decades, or even hundreds of years, artificial fur will still stand in the fashion center. Only when the industry pays attention to top-level design and the coordinated innovation of production, education, research and development can China's fur industry truly Great powers are becoming powerful. In the eyes of the industry, with the continuous exploration of ingenious enterprises such as Dongjing artificial fur, artificial fur will appear in the newer and broader field in the future, providing high-end green raw materials for domestic and foreign apparel manufacturers, and creating a fashionable life for global consumers. New heights.