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Basic knowledge and maintenance of mink wool

Jul 01/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Store and arrange in a ventilated and dry place. Mink velvet also belongs to the category of fur, and it is also necessary to pay extra attention to the maintenance process. Mink velvet must be placed in a place where the air is smooth. It is best to prevent the use of packaging bags with poor ventilation. It must be a large cloth pocket with a leather jacket to separate the dust. In addition, the enemy of fur is strong sunlight and humid and cold air. Therefore, when placing fur, we should minimize high temperature, sun exposure and hot and humid natural environment. It is best to maintain the indoor temperature for more than 10 times. , and put some items to get rid of damp and cold.
2. Avoid compounds. Many people have the habit of spraying perfume on their clothes, but it is a taboo for clothes and pants such as mink fleece! When wearing fur, it is best not to sprinkle items such as eau de toilette or hair wax on the fur, because these ingredients contain ethanol, which will dry the fur.