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Classification and process of artificial fur

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Classification and process of artificial fur

Jul 09/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

Artificial fur products are mainly divided into four categories: imitation animal skin, flat shearing, plush, and imitation lamb:

1. Imitation animal skins: products composed of undercoat and bristles
2. Flat shearing: plain or jacquard shearing products with even fluff
3. Plush: products with uneven down and no undercoat
4. Imitation lambskin: products similar to natural lambskin

Artificial fur production process

The processing technology of artificial fur is complicated, and the production cycle is usually more than 10 days. Some start dyeing and spinning from loose fiber, and some processing after spinning. Taking double yarn as an example, the processing flow is as follows:

Double yarn → dyeing → dyeing in the same bath for softening → dehydration and drying → fur weaving (both warp and weft knitting) → primer → 120 ℃ shaping → printing → steaming → washing → damp cloth softening → dehydration → 100 ℃ drying → Scalding twice → brushing the bristles → sticking antistatic agent in the sink (parts are softened) → scalping two passes → scalping one line → shearing → finished product