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Cleaning method of fox fur fabric

Oct 20/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Conditional dry cleaning is the best.
2. Imitation fox fur fabrics are particularly easy to collect dust. Before cleaning, first shake the fur to let the dust and other particles escape from the fur.
3. If there is dirt, place dry oat bran or cornmeal on the fur. These substances tend to absorb dust and dirt. The cornmeal and bran are then combed out, and the dust and grime are carried away with a gentle shake of the coat.
4. Clean the stain with detergent and rag. Pat the stained area with a rag, rather than rubbing to avoid removing the hair, remove the stain and let it dry.
5. If you want to wash it, please pre-wash the unclean parts of the fox fur fabric first, it is best not to get the leather part. Dilute the half cap of the fur softener and the half cap of the fabric softener with hot water, add 20-30 kg of warm water, stir well, and then wash the treated clothes by hand, gently. Finally spin dry.