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Does mink fleece need to be dry cleaned?

Jan 13/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

Mink velvet clothes can be washed with water, but in general, it is better to dry clean it, which is better for clothes. When cleaning, use a special detergent for washing silk or wash with neutral detergent. When drying, it needs to be laid flat to dry, not hung to dry.

After washing, do not knead it into a piece, lay it flat to dry, and dry it in the direction of its hair. Under normal circumstances, mink fluff does not need to be washed, just flick the ash lightly. There is no problem in not washing it for three to five years. Therefore, if you can, you should not wash.

When washing mink fleece, be sure to avoid using the washing machine. Although many brands of washing machines have multi-functions, when the mink down is washed, if the washing machine is used, the washing machine rolls strongly, which will cause a large area of friction damage to the mink down, so that the mink down is easy to fall off. After cleaning, do not hang it on a hanger to dry, it will easily cause the clothes to become larger.