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Dongjing Group, unite our strengths, and let Shaohua start again

Jan 16/2020 / news / Author: DongJing

DongJing in 2019

Is a year of continuous and good development

It's a year of market expansion and team building with impressive results

It is the staff of Dongjing that meets the challenges, stands the test, and strives to overcome the difficulties

A year of excellent completion of the year's tasks


DongJing March

One:On March 12, 2019, the company sorted out the Dongjing corporate culture, and the equity incentive system was officially released, adding humanities and efficiency, so that everyone in Dongjing became its own boss.


Two:The Shanghai Fabric Fair was successfully held in March


DongJing April

In April, Bossack came out. This Bossack fabric has been outstanding in 2019, and even won the sales champion in the double eleven fake fur garments.


DongJing May

The birth of the black mink and the fox fur in May


DongJing June

June 28 The successful launch of the new product launch conference in Hangzhou


DongJing July

H&M came to the factory in July and passed the inspection again

DongJing August

One:On August 12, 2019, obtained the recycled fabric GRS certificate (Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0)


Two:The new workshop of the warp knitting department with a daily output of 100,000 meters is put into production


Three:August 21 "Dongjing Company" was officially approved as "Dongjing Group"


DongJing September

The advent of the little golden sable on September 10


DongJing October

One:October Shanghai Fabric Fair was successfully held


Two:On October 12, ZARA obtained the quality supplier certification again


DongJing November

On November 1st, East Economics Group sponsored the Beijing Fashion Show and achieved great social response


DongJing December

In December, the beautiful scene of the hot sale of East Ai was reproduced


Emerged in the process

63 outstanding employees

34 outstanding team leaders

And won many certificates and honors

(The following are some certificates)

A more exciting new year in the future opens a new journey

Let us all work together in the East Longitude, with a hundred times the passion, hard work, work together to create good results

Towards a more brilliant new year!

Finally, I wish you all: in the new year

"Mouse" endless happiness

Endless happiness of "rat"

"Rat" endless harvest

May all good luck be "mouse" to everyone!