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Dongjing Recycled Artificial Fur and GENIAL·Jin Jinhao Appeared at China International Fashion Week

Nov 01/2019 / news / Author: DongJing

       As the public's awareness of environmental protection has increased, there have been more and more voices about animal fur, so artificial fur has attracted more and more attention. Can artificial fur be comparable to real leather in touch and vision? Is artificial fur exclusive to autumn and winter, can it wear lightness and fashion in spring and summer? In addition to mature women, can playful and bright girls use artificial fur to lead the modern trend?

       On November 1st, Dongjing Recycled Artificial Fur and GENIAL·Zhang Jinhao appeared at the China International Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 collection, creating a “light” fashion artificial fur spring and summer series fashion show, stunning the audience. Cen Qichu, chairman of Ningbo Dongjing Group, was invited to attend as one of the heavyweight guests.


        As a fabric supply partner of many well-known garment manufacturers, Dongjing Group's fabric texture of recycled artificial fur can greatly restore the fashion of fur. We uphold the concept of "enjoying fur and refraining from harm", making fashion and environmental protection to fur , And is no longer an inextricable relationship between fish and bear paw. This fabric attribute has naturally become an excellent carrier for designers to interpret clothing. Zhang Jinhao, a designer who cooperated with the East Economic Group, said: "Selecting a fabric with a high fur texture reduction not only refuses to hurt, but also enjoys the lightness and fashion of artificial fur." .


        In addition, before the show, Cen Qichu, Zhang Jinhao, Li Dangqi, Liao Jun, Jia Ronglin and other guests also accepted media interviews to talk about the impact of artificial fur on fabric process design, market and environmental protection significance, design aesthetics and other aspects.

        General Manager Zhang Jinhao introduced that 80%-90% of the artificial fur fabrics used in the GENIAL Zhang Jinhao's show are recycled artificial fabrics provided by Dongjing Group, which can be said to inject more fresh blood into GENIAL. The latest recycled artificial fur fabric is very close to real fur in appearance and feel, and even professionals are difficult to distinguish.

        In addition, it also has stronger plasticity, which can be comparable to all fabrics on the market. Not only that, but the price of this renewable fabric is expected to decline further, which can benefit more people who love fashion. As an internationally well-known recycled fabric company, the strong alliance between Dongjing Group and GENIAL is expected to achieve the ultimate concept of green environmental protection and fashion.



        Teacher Li Dangqi, who teaches at the School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, praised the artificial fur for its light texture, stylish design, and application of degradable and renewable fabrics, which can stand the test from the market and social levels; Liao Junda, a member of the Chinese Artists Association He praises the environmentally friendly fashion and comfort of artificial fur, and bluntly, he used to love to wear leather, and now he has turned to artificial fur.

        The promotion of artificial fur is in line with the historical development trend and is of great significance to animal protection. Even more socially valuable, the artificial fur fabrics of the Dongjing Group can satisfy people's two-way expression of fur texture and aesthetics. On the basis of environmental protection and sustainability, the designer's inspiration and thoughts on aesthetic innovations are implemented. .

      This big show is a perfect combination of the power of modern technology and fashion. With a warm and romantic atmosphere, it presents a visual feast that integrates artificial fur design, top art craftsmanship, and fashion breakthrough innovation. It can be described as a redefinition of artificial fur fashion. It is no longer synonymous with cheap, but also high-end luxury; it is no longer exclusive for autumn and winter, it can also be light and elegant; it is not only mature and conservative design, but also modern and fashionable. I hope that more consumers can pay more attention to artificial fur and give love to society and nature while embracing fashion. At the same time, Dongjing Group will also continue its research and development on artificial and renewable fur fabrics, devoting more thought and understanding to contribute to the development of environmentally friendly fur garments in China and the world!