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East Show's first show-"the beauty of green high-end fur"

Jun 28/2019 / news / Author: DongJing

        On June 28, 2019, Dongjing Group held the first Dongjing artificial fur SHOW. Dongjing Group has always regarded "make green high-end fur and let fashion enter into thousands of households" as its mission.


        In order for enterprises to be able to develop in an orderly manner in the face of competition, they must actively adapt to the market and understand the diverse needs of the market. Based on this, we have organized this environmentally friendly recycled artificial fur show, hoping to show the fabric to customers and the market more intuitively Fashionable texture after advanced clothing.

        This show exhibited a variety of styles such as women's coats and long and short coats made of artificial recycled fur. The scene received many affirmations and praises. The expression of the texture of the fabric on the clothing design has been completely comparable to animal fur. , Can meet the market for the replacement of fur clothing fabrics.

        Dongjing Group hopes that through this show, it will achieve in-depth discussion and interaction with the market, understand and explore the more potential needs of customers, achieve the goal of win-win and common prosperity with customers, and at the same time, let more friends who love life We know the artificial fur and the charm of recycled artificial fur to do better for our social harmony and our environmental protection life.