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Goat hair raw material

Jun 23/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

Goat hair is the coarse and dead hair cut from the goat hair. Generally, the fine hair on goat hair is very short and cannot be spun, and the coarse hair can only be used to make brushes and brushes, with the exception of mohair. Mohair is Angora goat hair, produced in Turkey's Angola Province, North America and South Asia. Elasticity, abrasion resistance and high strength, it is an ideal raw material for weaving jacquard blankets, plush, smooth coats, faux fur and other advanced fabrics.
Hand-knitted mohair sweaters with thick needles are covered with soft silky and mist-like fibers, forming a noble, lively and rough style of clothing, which is deeply loved by people. The Zhongwei goat hair in northwest China also belongs to the mohair group. However, in the market, some people call the fluffy acrylic bulked yarn "mohair" for sale, causing misunderstanding. Such acrylic bulked yarn can only be called "imitation mohair" at best.