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How is wool-like fabric treated?

Dec 22/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

1. What is the composition of imitation wool fabric
The composition of imitation wool is acrylic, which feels similar to cashmere, and there is no difference in appearance, but the textile composition is 100% chemical fiber fabric. The advantage of imitation wool is that it has the feel, texture and elasticity of cashmere, and it is easy to dye and maintain.
2. How to solve fabric pilling
Linen has always been an aristocrat among fabrics. It is not only light and comfortable to wear, but also less prone to static pilling. Pairing it with linen items will reduce hairballs. Usually pay more attention to the maintenance of clothes to reduce the friction of clothes. When buying clothes, you should also choose fabrics that are not easy to pill. If you have rubber gloves, you can use this method directly. There will be grains and undulations on its surface, mainly because it can increase friction. Because of this, rubber gloves can also play a role in helping clothes to ball.
3. How to clean wool-like fabric
First, read the washing instructions on the label carefully. It is best to wash the imitation lamb velvet by hand instead of using a washing machine. Don't keep rolling it in the washing machine, which will damage the imitation lamb velvet. Soak it with neutral soap flakes, high-grade detergent or laundry soap, and don't rub or wring it hard when washing. The temperature of the soap liquid is controlled below ~40°C. When passing the water, it is best to use warm water at about 40°C first, and then use cold water to clean it.