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How to clean artificial rabbit fur clothes?

Oct 12/2020 / news / Author: DongJing

How to clean artificial rabbit fur clothes?

1. When washing, put the artificial rabbit sweater into a pre-sewn cloth bag, soak it in warm water at 40℃, and wash it with a neutral detergent. When washing, use your hands to gently rub and squeeze. Do not use a scrubbing board, let alone twist. After washing, rinse off the soap with warm water. When it is 80% dry, take it out of the white cloth bag, put it on a clean cloth and iron it flat with an iron. After ironing, you can also use Velcro for napping. The specific method is to attach the buckle to the garment surface and pull it upwards. The pulling method should be light and fast, otherwise a lot of fluff will be broken. The brushed rabbit fur clothes are full of texture, soft to the touch, and beautiful as new.
2. To wash artificial rabbit sweaters, you can use solvent gasoline to soak for dry cleaning, or you can use soap flakes or higher-grade neutral detergents for washing. The temperature of the washing liquid is preferably 30-35 degrees. Rinse gently with water during washing, and avoid Rub or twist on the washing board. After washing, wash with warm water for 2-3 times, then soak in cold water with rice vinegar for 1-2 minutes, take it out and put it in a net bag and hang it to make it naturally dehydrated. When it is half dry, Spread it on the table or hang it on a hanger to dry in the shade. As rabbit fur products are vulnerable to insects, don't forget to put a sanitary ball when storing.

3. Use a special detergent (such as Kai Mi Di Wang Si Mao Jing) to clean separately, it is best to soak in warm water, it can be washed very fluffy without using softener, and it has a fluffy feeling. Do not spin dry with a machine, Twist it by hand until it does not drip enough, then use a special net basket, spread it flat in a shaded, ventilated place, and dry it in the shade. Never use the sun directly. If there is no net basket, you can spread it flat to dry. .
Then there is the strong detergency of enzyme laundry detergent, it is best not to use it to clean rabbit fur clothing, so as not to shorten the life of the clothing