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How to identify real and fake alpaca wool?

Sep 08/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Good camel hair has long fibers and is shiny. The poor camel hair is dark in color, and the hair is not fine and thick. If it is wool scraps or chemical fiber fabrics, you can look at it in the sun. Synthetic fibers will be shiny, or the dust of unwashed wool, stinky smell and so on.
2. When you touch it by hand, the real camel hair fabric is very soft and elastic, and it is very dry because it is not breathable. Fake ones don't have that advantage.
3. The real camel hair is a natural color. After being boiled in boiling water, it will not fade, and the fake one will fade.
4. The easiest way to distinguish between chemical fiber and hair is to burn a little bit, the camel hair will smoke and foam, the smell of burning protein, the ashes will be broken when pinched, and the chemical fiber will be sticky or black lumps, very smelly. .