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How to maintain mink velvet

Dec 23/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

1. To save the mink velvet coat, you must first pay attention to moisture and try to avoid wearing it on rainy and snowy days. Once it gets wet, you can't blow it with a hair dryer, or iron it with an iron, let alone expose it to the sun. The correct way is to hang it in a cool, ventilated place to dry naturally. When wearing mink velvet coats, be careful not to touch salt, alkali, acid, oil, especially hair dye, perfume, etc. When storing mink velvet coats, do not fold, fold, or press, or rub against other objects frequently to prevent baldness. It should be dried in a cool and ventilated place before collection, and then hang in a closet with loose hangers and clothing covers for storage.

2. When storing mink velvet coats, the leather lining should be air-dried for 2 hours to maintain the luster of the fur. But be careful not to expose to the sun to prevent hardening of the cortex. After drying, choose loose hangers and clothes covers to hang in the closet for storage.

3. When the lining of the clothes is not easy to remove, or not only whether the leather board can be washed with water, you can mix some alcohol and ammonia solution: alcohol 50G, ammonia 30G and add water to 1 liter. Use a clean cotton cloth dipped in alcohol and ammonia solution to wipe the mink velvet coat all over the body. After drying, gently tap the coat with a bamboo pole to loosen the coat. If the quilt is still sticky after the above treatment, the dirt is not shiny, you can also use the sawdust containing alcohol and ammonia to scrub the quilt. Rub more on the heavily soiled area and less on the lighter area until the quilt is loose and shiny. Shake the sawdust and dry it. Dry and ready to use. The amount of alcohol and ammonia should be pinch the sawdust by hand, and the sawdust should not disperse immediately after letting go. The ratio of alcohol and ammonia should be 2:1.