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Identification of bamboo fiber fabric

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Identification of bamboo fiber fabric

May 21/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

Bamboo fiber is a natural material with the following characteristics.

1. Look-crystal clear and beautiful

Pick up the bamboo fiber towel and observe the surface of the towel from all angles under good light conditions. The loops are smooth and delicate, the color is bright and bright, and the loops are arranged in an even and orderly manner.

2. Touch-soft and comfortable

With a touch of your hand, it feels soft and smooth (with a velvety feel) and elastic. Put a bamboo fiber towel on your cheek and feel it quietly, you will fully feel that she is as delicate, soft, smooth and comfortable as a baby's skin, like silk. What kind of feeling does it give you when you touch the ordinary towel again? It must be hard, dry, and rough. The unique silk-like forging effect of bamboo fiber towels represents the development trend of the industry.

3. Shake-drape upright

Hold the two corners of one side of the bamboo fiber towel with both hands, lift it up in the air, and shake it lightly. You will see its good movement and verticality, just like beautiful hair, silky smooth, soft and smooth. Shake the ordinary towel again, it can only feel light and floating, and it is difficult to sag. Let go of your hands, let these two towels fall freely from the air on the bed or table, and then look at their respective shapes. You will find that the bamboo fiber towels are piled up softly, without any "boneness". The ordinary towel is stiff into a certain geometric shape.

4. Burning-absolutely natural

Take out one or two yarns from the bamboo fiber towel, ignite it with fire, and observe the burning phenomenon carefully. The bamboo fiber burns quickly and thoroughly, with the smell of plant burning, and the ashes become off-white powdery, without balling. Towels containing chemical fibers have a pungent odor when burned, the ashes become black, and the phenomenon of balling occurs.

5. Washing-self-cleaning and self-cleaning

Wet the bamboo fiber towels (the purpose is to fully activate the bamboo fiber molecules), then pour soy sauce, cooking oil, etc. on the towels, and then rub them under the water pipe without any detergent. You will see a miraculous phenomenon, the soy sauce, cooking oil, etc. are completely washed away by the water, and the bamboo fiber towels are still as bright as new. This is because bamboo fiber has super decontamination and oil repellent, self-cleaning and self-cleaning capabilities. If you still question the decontamination ability of bamboo fiber towels, you can use it as a rag for cleaning tableware and let it toss in the oil for a week to learn more about its magical decontamination effect. And if an ordinary towel is used to clean tableware in less than a few days, it is absolutely messy, dirty, extremely difficult to clean, and will eventually become moldy, sticky, and smelly.

6. cover-not moldy or smelly

After dampening a bamboo fiber towel and an ordinary towel with water, they were placed in two plastic food bags and placed in an environment of about 30 degrees Celsius for several days. Then open the bag, take a look, smell it, what do you feel? Bamboo fiber towels are as refreshing as new and have no peculiar smell. Ordinary towels are moldy, sticky, smelly, and even black. The reason why bamboo fiber towels have such a peculiar function is entirely due to the antibacterial properties of the bamboo fiber itself. Bamboo never infects pests and diseases during the growth process, because bamboo contains antibacterial and mite-removing substances-bamboo kun. The National Textile Inspection Agency has confirmed that the mortality rate of pathogens on bamboo fiber is more than 73%, which is completely absent from other textile fibers.

7. Use-refreshing and comfortable

Drain the face with water, soak the bamboo fiber towel in the water, gently wring the water and wipe the face. You will feel the water on your face dry easily. At the same time, the face feels refreshing, soft and comfortable. Even if you don't use facial cleanser, soap and other cleansing products, you still have this feeling. This is entirely determined by the special structure of the bamboo fiber itself. Bamboo fiber is a porous fiber, the cross section is covered with large and small oval pores, which can absorb a large amount of water in an instant, and its water absorption is 1.5 times that of cotton.