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What are the characteristics of imitation cashmere?

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What are the characteristics of imitation cashmere?

Dec 25/2020 / news / Author: DongJing

The appearance, luster and dyeing properties of cashmere-like acrylic fiber all exceed cashmere, and the hand feel and appearance can reach the point of being fake. For this reason, cleverly imitating and applying various modification technologies can also increase its dynamic, interesting, independent and wild appeal, allowing different clothing to reflect different spiritual features and elegant and comfortable supernormal functions. Make it more attractive. Commonly used apparel fabrics in autumn and winter at home and abroad are mainly cotton, silk floss, camel hair, wool, high elastic floss, metal floss and so on. Due to the limitation of its own texture structure, there are different defects. Such as large volume, poor hygroscopicity, easy to plate, moth-eaten, mildew, intolerance to washing, etc.; cashmere-like acrylic fiber has excellent moisture-heat balance conditions, so that the warmth retention rate and air permeability index have reached the leading level among similar materials. Its structure is light, thin and soft, it feels fine and smooth, it has good fastness, it is not easy to be damaged, it is not mildew and moth, it has good uniformity, it will not be plated off, and it is resistant to washing and easy to restore. It can be used as raw materials for woolen sweaters, trousers, suits, tooling for special environments, and warm shoes, hats, socks and bedding. The characteristics of imitation cashmere are unmatched by other chemical fibers, and it is one of the main raw materials for the upgrading of chemical fiber products. The production of cashmere-like acrylic fiber as a clothing material is based on the characteristics of acrylic fiber, and special processing methods are used to produce special specifications of acrylic fiber tops.

(1) Selection of cashmere-like acrylic raw materials: Cashmere is characterized by soft and smooth hand feeling. To produce cashmere with acrylic fiber to achieve the effect of cashmere, the selection of raw materials is the key. According to foreign information, the single fiber fineness should be finer than conventional.

(2) The production process and quality of cashmere-like acrylic tops: the two batches of tow production tops are all drawn and broken.