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Is fox fur real or fake? Look at these places to separate

Jul 07/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Where do real fox fur and imitation fox fur look?
First of all, imitation fox fur is not for fake and inferior, but a diversified supplement of fox fur, just like the relationship between false teeth and real teeth.
Imitation fox fur is now more and more realistic. In the past few years, fox fur can be seen at a glance, but now you have to be more careful, otherwise you will be misunderstood.
The authenticity of fox fur can be separated from the following two key points:
1. Take a small piece of each and burn it with a lighter. The fox fur collar is protein, so it will smell like burning hair, and it will turn into gray ashes after burning, and it will be broken when crushed.
The imitation fox fur collar is a chemical fiber product, which is polyester acrylic fiber, which is plastic, so it will smell of burning plastic when burned.
2. If the fox fur is true or false, look at the back of the fox fur collar. The back of the fox fur collar is leather, because it is cooked leather, it has been processed very smooth and soft, just like our leather jacket.
The back of the fox fur collar is warp and weft woven fabric. The upper chemical cilia are implanted on the fabric. The warp and weft lines are clearly seen on the back. Generally speaking, the fibers are very thick, just like the old coarse cloth.