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Is Mink Sweater Better or Cashmere Sweater?

Apr 07/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

Mink sweaters and cashmere sweaters are both clothes that we often wear in our lives, but people prefer cashmere sweaters compared to mink sweaters.
1. The sweater made of real cashmere yarn is made of cashmere, which is fine and smooth, very soft, light in weight, and very skin-friendly. It is very comfortable to wear on the body and suitable for close-fitting wear.
2. The technology of mink wool is immature, and the hair is relatively hard. The sweater made of mink wool is not as comfortable and skin-friendly as cashmere sweater, so it is not suitable for close-fitting wear.
3. Since mink fleece sweaters are very popular in autumn and winter, the quality of sweaters sold on the market varies, so everyone must choose carefully when buying mink fleece sweaters. When you buy mink down sweaters, you should check whether the texture is qualified. The first is to see whether the workmanship is excellent. The mink should be complete and full of plush. A good mink sweater has a flat surface, well-proportioned color and bright luster. If you shake the garment a few times when you buy it, it will shed the hair, so it is best not to buy it. The same size of leather, clothing with light weight is better.