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Is the imitation rabbit fur fabric warm?

Dec 02/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

The imitation rabbit fur fabric is woven with chemical fibers. The fabric uses pores to break the hair roots, and the hairs are bundled into bundles, creating a beautiful appearance. It hurts the skin like rabbit burrs, and many kinds of chemical materials are harmful to the human body and have no aesthetic feeling. After the imitation rabbit fur is burned, it has an obvious smell of tar plastic, and there is very pungent black smoke. After burning, it becomes a large dark brown lump, which is easy to be crushed by fingers. Pull out the nylon thread by hand, and the hand sticks, and the smell is strong , feel hard.
the cleaning method:
1. Choose the appropriate water temperature, generally kept at about 30 degrees Celsius.
2. Pay attention to choose a neutral detergent, add a little salt in the water, the anti-hair removal effect is better.
3. Try to avoid rubbing hard or using a washing board when cleaning, and rinse gently with water.
4. After washing, rinse with clean water two or three times, and then soak in cold water with rice vinegar for about three minutes.
5. When drying the sweater after washing, you should pay attention to using a net pocket, which can prevent the sweater from being seriously deformed.
6. After fully drying, it should be stacked neatly in an airtight plastic bag.