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Is there a difference between sheep shearing and lamb wool

Oct 09/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

It is impossible to distinguish good from bad according to different functions and uses, it depends on what clothes are used for. The differences are as follows:

1. The shape of sheep shearing is different from that of lamb's wool: the lamb's wool is curved and curled and looks more natural and beautiful. Sheep shearing refers to the long and messy fur. Generally, the long hair is removed by a machine and the surface wool is cut flat.

2. Sheep shearing and lamb wool are processed in different ways: Sheep shearing is the remaining wool and skin after a cut of cashmere, which is treated with antiseptic treatment, and then dyed and processed into sheep shearing carpets, cushions, cushions and other indoor products. Lamb's wool is between cashmere and ordinary wool. It belongs to high-grade wool and is very delicate.
What should I pay attention to when maintaining cashmere clothing?

1. Generally, cashmere cushions will pull each other after sitting to form felt blocks, which can be re-fluffed with wool fluffing agent.

2. Regular cleaning is required to avoid the continuous accumulation of dust and oil, which makes it more difficult to clean up the dirt.

3. The surface of some cashmere wool looks gray due to oxidation, which is not easy to clean. A special cleaning agent for cleaning wool can be used to restore the bright surface of the wool.

4. Due to different degrees of wear and uneven color fading, go to a professional shop for recoloring operations.

Whether it's sheep shearing or lamb wool, it has a certain warmth effect. You can choose according to your own preferences. Choose your favorite style to wear, and it also has a certain aesthetic effect.