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Maintenance method of imitation fur fabric

Oct 24/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Prevent fur from getting wet or hot
The enemies of imitation fur fabrics are strong sunlight and humid air, so when placing imitation fur fabrics, we should try to avoid high temperature, direct sunlight and sultry and humid environment. something to get wet.
2, placed in a ventilated place
When storing imitation fur fabrics, keep the air unobstructed. It is best not to use airtight bags. If necessary, use large cloth bags to cover the imitation fur fabrics to separate the dust.
3. Stay away from chemicals
When wearing imitation fur fabrics, try not to put perfume or hairspray on the imitation fur fabrics, because these substances contain alcohol, which will dry the fur.
4. Don’t blindly modify the style yourself
Some customers like to sew and mend by themselves, and stitch some accessories on the faux fur fabric, so that it is easy to hook the faux fur fabric garment. Avoid carrying certain leather bags, so as to avoid the friction between the backpack straps and the fur, and the leather hook of the imitation fur fabric will be damaged.
5. Be careful when cleaning
Imitation fur fabric clothing generally uses chemical raw materials in the production process. It is prone to chemical reactions when it encounters water and other liquids, which will deform and harden the leather plate, or cause the hair to fade and change color. Therefore, the imitation fur cannot be cleaned by ordinary methods. The fabric should be sent to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning, so as to keep the imitation fur fabric clothing clean, beautiful and lasting.
6. It is also important to hang imitation fur fabric clothes
The imitation fur fabric should be hung on a hanger with shoulder pads or a coat hanger with wide shoulders. Never use a wire hanger to avoid damage or deformation of the imitation fur fabric.