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Maintenance of mink fur

Dec 10/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Fur cleaning

Do not use a general comb to brush the fur, do not use ordinary methods to clean the fur, you should go to the fur store to clean it up regularly to keep it clean and beautiful. Avoid carrying leather bags to avoid friction between the straps of the backpack and the fur, causing damage.

2. Environmental choice

The enemy of fur is sunlight and moisture. When placing furs, avoid direct sunlight and hot and humid places. It is best to keep the room temperature at about 15 degrees, and place a moisture-proof tube if necessary.

3. Hang in a way

Use wide-shoulder large hangers or hangers with shoulder pads to hang fur. Do not use steel wire hangers to avoid damage or deformation of the fur.

4. Avoid chemicals

When wearing fur, try not to spray perfume or hairspray, because the chemicals in these products contain alcohol, which will dry the fur.

5. Modification is strictly prohibited

Don't try DIY by yourself. Nail and sew any ornaments on the fur, otherwise it will be easy to hook the fur through.

6. Accidental handling

If the fur is wetted by rain or frost, it should be hung in a cool place to dry naturally. It must not be heated or baked or exposed to the sun. Do not attempt to dry it with a hair dryer, because the fur cannot be exposed to heat.