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Mink velvet fabric

Sep 26/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

1. What kind of fabric is mink velvet on the market?

(1) What kind of fabric is mink velvet on the market?
Mink velvet fabric is a kind of velvet fabric. Taken from mink (undercoat) as raw material. The gun hair fetches the velvet, and the machine-made processing is mostly used in the apparel industry. Mink fleece is more suitable for high-end apparel industry than fleece fabrics such as polar fleece. Most of the popular fleece fabrics on the market are polar fleece and begonia fleece. Mink fur has the characteristics of being soft and strong, rich in plush, and shiny in color. After a special washing process, it is more skin-friendly, hardly sheds hair, can be worn next to the body, and will not be allergic to the skin.

(2) Mink velvet is generally used to make clothes more. The clothing made of mink velvet that has undergone needle-pulling and trimming process not only retains the warmth and comfort of fur clothes, but no longer looks bloated, and even appears light and elegant, gorgeous and elegant. After modern dyeing process, mink wool can present a variety of colors. In addition, mink wool can also be cut into different heights through embossing. Therefore, the garments made of processed mink velvet are of various styles, fashionable and full of modern life.

2. How to distinguish mink velvet from imitation mink velvet

How to distinguish mink velvet and imitation mink velvet? In fact, mink velvet and imitation mink velvet are actually the distinction between real and fake mink velvet. Mink velvet is a new type of fabric with rich plush, smooth color, smooth feel, soft and strong, and close-fitting warmth. It belongs to a kind of close-fitting and warm sweater fabric. The sweater coat woven with it is warm and beautiful. However, it can also be distinguished by appearance, touch, etc. The following is an introduction to the specific content.

(1) The down of mink velvet is smooth and shiny, and the down of imitated mink velvet is neither flat nor shiny.

(2) The mink velvet fabric is soft and strong, and the mink velvet fabric is hard and has a poor hand feeling.

(3) Mink velvet will not emit a fishy odor when it is made into clothes, while imitation mink velvet will emit a fishy odor.

(4) Mink velvet clothing has good texture, well-processed and will not shed hair, while imitation mink velvet has poor quality, rough processing and is easy to shed.

3. How to wash mink velvet at home

(1) How do I wash the mink velvet at home? It is best to send mink velvet to a dry cleaner for cleaning, and put it in a ventilated and dry place after washing; if you clean it at home, you must use professional washing products, and dry it flat, not hanging, otherwise it will be easily deformed. Light-colored mink velvet, especially white mink velvet, is prone to yellowing and discoloration if it is improperly cleaned and maintained. If you are not worried about cleaning by yourself, it is recommended to send it to a professional dry cleaner to avoid washing and fading the mink velvet.

(2) When washing mink velvet, you must avoid using a washing machine. Although many brands of washing machines are multi-functional, when washing mink feathers, if the washing machine is used, the washing machine will roll strongly, which will cause a large area of ​​friction damage to the mink feathers and make the mink feathers easy to fall off. Therefore, mink velvet cannot be washed in a washing machine. It is best to wash it by hand and gently wash the mink velvet.

(3) In addition, mink velvet cannot be dehydrated in a washing machine. Putting it in the dewatering bucket is equivalent to putting it in the washing bucket, causing the mink hair to fall off. When cleaning, choose professional cleaning products. The cleaning of mink velvet is different from the cleaning of daily clothes. Conventional cleaning products cannot be used. It is recommended to wash with a special detergent for washing silk or with a neutral detergent. After cleaning, it needs to be laid flat to dry when drying, not hanging. Don't knead it into a piece after washing, spread it flat and let it dry along the direction of the hair.