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Overview and advantages of different fabric materials(2)

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Overview and advantages of different fabric materials(2)

Feb 26/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Brushed
Brushing is the process of scraping the surface of the fabric to produce fluff.
The surface of the fabric is covered with fluff, which makes the hand feel soft, and has a unique appearance and thickness.
In addition, it also improves the thermal insulation effect, so it is very suitable for winter sewing.

2. Flannel
Flannel is a plain or twill weave fabric with short piles on one or both sides of the fabric.
It is soft, the skin is familiar and warm.
Recommended for casual shirts in the cold season.

3. Wool fleece fabric
It is a brushed polyester fabric.
It is light and warm, but well ventilated, so you may feel cold when the wind blows.
As a way to emphasize heat preservation, it is recommended for coat lining, thighs and indoor winter clothing.

4. Smooth knitted fabric
A smooth knitted fabric is a knitted fabric with a smooth surface and moderate elasticity.
It has high elasticity and the edges are not easy to roll up, so it is easy to handle as a knitted fabric.
It has a soft and comfortable touch, good color and good warmth retention.

5. Jacquard knitted fabric
Jacquard knitting is a woven pattern, not a printed pattern.
Due to the low tension (elongation), it is easy to handle even for beginners.
It is characterized by a thin and sweet weave.

6.Nylon taffeta
Nylon taffeta is a dense plain woven fabric made of nylon material.
It is thin and smooth, with a moderate luster.
It is also used as a fabric for raincoats, windbreakers, umbrellas and eco-bags.
It has a certain degree of water resistance, but it is not completely waterproof.
Be careful when using an iron because it is sensitive to heat.

7. Laminate fabric
Laminates are coated with polyvinyl chloride or the like on the surface of the fabric.
It has waterproof and antifouling properties, and is elastic, so it is recommended for bags and sachets.
Since it is not slippery when sewing with a sewing machine, it is convenient to use silicone agent in sewing.