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Recycled fabrics become the mainstream of sustainable fashion

Jan 16/2020 / news / Author: DongJing


        The world's growing fur consumption has inspired major luxury brands, but behind the prosperity, more is the moral condemnation of animal predation and the great discount on its brand value. In the end, will the fashion world end with humans giving up wearing fur? Obviously, the answer is not the case. With the high-simulation artificial fur perfectly replacing genuine leather, recycled fabrics are opening a new era of consumption with green fashion. In this regard, Cen Qichu, chairman of Dongjing Artificial Fur (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., said: Artificial fur is both an expression of animal equality and a fashion statement. More and more designers choose to use it to interpret the perfect fusion of nature and fashion.

Recycled fabrics become the mainstream of sustainable fashion

        Due to the bloodiness and cruelty of animal fur, "refusing to use fur" seems to have become a consensus reached by the fashion industry. Up to now, the fashion industry has announced that it is no longer using the brand of genuine leather, Gucci, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Prada, Stella McCartney and other brands are included in this list. The timeline was pulled back to London on November 5, 19th. Buckingham Palace confirmed that 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II will not use natural fur in all new clothes in the future, but will use artificial fur. Obviously, mankind finally compromised in the face of animal equality, and fur was no longer worn on the body as a spoil for show-off hunting.

      This also means that the spring of artificial fur is coming! In the fashion circle that promotes green environmental protection, the fashionability, high simulation, personalized service and green environmental protection concept of artificial fur fabrics have won the recognition of many high-end fashion people and become the first-choice raw materials for major brand manufacturers. Cen Qichu, chairman of Dongjing Group, said in an interview that the protection of animals is an indispensable responsibility of all sectors of society, but the pace of pursuing beauty will never stop, and the high-end green artificial fur that conforms to the times will detonate a new round of consumer upsurge.

Dongjing artificial fur has attracted the attention of many international brands. Patented technology is second to none

       As a world recognized fur production and consumption country, fur manufacturing companies have established full influence in the global field. Among them, it is worth mentioning that Dongjing Artificial Fur (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is located in the famous Chinese plush city on the coast of the East China Sea. The company has been cultivating artificial fur for 8 years, catering to international market trends, constantly exploring new technologies, researching and developing new products, and opening up new markets. The first domestically produced artificial mink, fox hair, small golden mink, etc. are manufactured by the East The fur series is light and stylish, which not only achieves the high simulation effect of natural fur patterns, but also has the same comfort as the leather and wool integrated fabrics and the cost is less than half of the latter. It has a long-term position in the fashion fabric industry and is well received by major brand manufacturers. Widely favored.

       The change of fashion trends, thanks to the continuous innovation of fabrics. The quality of the artificial grass works is ultimately inseparable from the innovative design of the style and the repeated polishing of details, but it also depends on the delicate fabrics comparable to real wool. According to Cen Qichu, chairman of Dongjing Group, the Chinese fur industry must achieve independent technological innovation if it wants to have a future. It is worth noting that in the field of recycled fabrics, Dongjing artificial fur has passed the global recycling standard GRS certification, and benefited from the country's leading recycled fabric patent technology, Dongjing artificial fur has become H&M, ZARA, Marks&Spencer, PULL&BEAR, Hailan House , Metersbonwe, Semir, Yichun and other domestic and foreign well-known brands designated suppliers.

       Needless to say, caring for animals and green development has become a trend leading international fashion. Only by fully utilizing technology and innovation to promote the market application of artificial fur can consumers' awareness of the fashion value and environmental protection mission of artificial fur be further promoted, just as the Dongjing Group does The mission of high-end green artificial fur to bring fashion into thousands of households is to make "enjoy fur and refuse to hurt" a new lifestyle that combines fashion and ecology, technology and beauty.