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The difference between coral fleece and polar fleece

Mar 11/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

Coral fleece and polar fleece have many common advantages such as lightness, softness and bright color, but their raw materials and production processes are quite different. They have different actions in different fields. Now, let's introduce these two kinds of fabrics to you.
Polar fleece, also known as Yangli fleece, is a knitted fabric, woven by a circular knitting machine, and its structure is a small ingot knitting structure. The fleece fabric has a fluffy texture, dense fluff, good thermal insulation, and is not easy to pilling and lint. The fluff on the front is flat and clear, and the hair on the back is sparse and well-proportioned. Because its composition is all polyester, the material itself is delicate and soft, the pattern and texture are clear, it is fluffy enough, and the elasticity is very good. When the polar fleece is mixed with other fabrics, the cold protection effect is often more obvious.
The origin of polar fleece In my country, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places all produce polar fleece. The quality of polar fleece in Jiangsu is higher than that of other regions, and the price of polar fleece in Zhejiang is relatively affordable. Polar fleece can be divided into printing and plain color, among which plain fleece can be divided into drawing strips, embossing, jacquard and so on. Printing polar fleece has glue, transfer, penetration, etc., nearly 200 kinds of colors. Because of its relatively simple production process and popular raw materials, this fabric is deeply loved by everyone. Among them, the best quality polar fleece is the drawn polar fleece, and the polar fleece with spandex is also the top grade. Due to the limitation of raw materials, polar fleece will have a small amount of hair loss, so people with respiratory diseases or people who are prone to skin allergies are advised not to buy it. Polar fleece is somewhat similar to woolen fabric, so many clothes are made of polar fleece now. In addition, polar fleece can also be used as a raw material for bedding, gloves, scarves, pillows and other items.
The raw material of coral fleece is polyester fiber, a fabric that has only emerged in the past ten years. Coral fleece is named coral fleece because of its high density between fibers and light body, similar to coral. Coral fleece is a substitute for bath towels and bathrobes when it first entered the market because of its strong water absorption capacity. Later, after the improvement of technology and the complication of production process, coral velvet becomes softer, more diverse in color, no pilling, no fading. Now coral fleece is mainly used in the two fields of clothing and bedding. Coral fleece blankets, quilts, pillowcases, etc. are very popular. The origin of coral fleece Coral fleece is characterized by softness, no pilling, no fading, strong heat preservation and strong water absorption. The raw material of coral fleece is fiber, so it is easy to generate static electricity. When washing, only use neutral detergent, plus an appropriate amount of softener.
The characteristics of polar fleece are: warm, it is a popular thermal fabric, good elasticity, short pile, no static electricity, soft to the touch. Weak alkaline or neutral detergents can be used when washing. The fluff of polar fleece is shorter and more flat. If it is cold-proof clothing, it is recommended to buy polar fleece, and if it is a bed sheet and intimate clothing, coral fleece is more suitable.