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The difference between memory-like fabric and memory fabric

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The difference between memory-like fabric and memory fabric

Mar 26/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

1. The memory cloth will not crepe, and it does not matter if it is creped. It will not crepe with a hand. It has a non-ironing function, while the imitation memory looks the same, but it is not as good as a memory cloth and has no non-ironing function.
2. There is a big difference in unit price.
3. Imitation memory yarn is made of filament, which is more difficult to dye than full memory true memory.

What is memory fabric?

Memory Fabric: Imported polyester memory fiber, memory fabric, memory fiber 75D. It has the function of morphological memory, and it is also called memory cloth or morphological memory cloth. The raw material comes from PTT (SORONA) of DuPont (DUPONT) in the United States. The raw material contains biological "PDO (1,3-propanol, actually 1,3-propanediol) made from grain starch (glucose). It has the function of moisture absorption and perspiration.

The garment made of its fabric does not require external support, can independently maintain any shape and can exhibit any folds, and can be completely restored to a flat state after flicking by hand, without leaving any creases, and the shape retention is permanent.

This kind of fabric has good wrinkle recovery ability (good wrinkle effect and recovery ability are the characteristics of the latest international trend of functional fabrics), comfortable hand feel, soft luster, fine and soft texture, good drape, anti-pollution, chemical resistance, Dimensional stability, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics. The most important thing is that with "memory", the fabric becomes non-iron and easy to care.

Methods of identifying memory filaments

According to the extension characteristics of the memory wire. As a new type of fiber, the ductility of memory wire becomes weaker and weaker with the improvement of the production process of the raw material factory, but its ductility is still obvious compared with ordinary fibers. The so-called ductility means that the two ends of the fiber tend to extend under the action of external force. This feeling can refer to the feeling when POY stretches. This is the main identification method for memory filaments.