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The difference between mink and rabbit fur

May 10/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Different sources of hair
Mink down is usually woven from raccoon fur, rabbit fur, wool and other different kinds of chemical fiber materials.
Rabbit fur is only made from rabbit fur.
2. Different uses
The hardness of mink down is obviously greater than that of ordinary wool and rabbit fur.
Rabbit hair is a high-grade natural fiber and a high-grade textile raw material. Rabbit hair is difficult to spin purely, and it is mostly blended with other fibers, which can be used as knitted sweaters and woven fabrics.
3. The cost is different
Because mink wool contains a lot of animal hair such as raccoon hair, rabbit hair and wool, the complexity and difficulty of dyeing is much higher than that of ordinary chemical fiber yarn, so the processing cycle is longer than ordinary wool yarn, and the cost is also higher.
4. Different origins
Mink hair mainly comes from mink fur and mink wool, while rabbit hair mainly comes from long-haired rabbits.