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The difference between polar fleece and lamb wool

Nov 05/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

Lamb wool is the wool that is cut when a sheep is about seven months old, and it is also the first wool that is cut off the sheep, and wool refers to the wool of an adult sheep. Lamb wool is the wool of lambs. The length and fineness are between wool and cashmere. The texture is relatively fine and softer than ordinary wool. It is a relatively common material in winter clothes. It has both warmth and fashion sense. Loved and favored by modern women, the quality is high and the price is high. Most of the wool has a thick texture, a plump surface, and a soft and smooth color. The fabric and suede do not show the bottom of the pattern. The texture of the surface is clear and rich. It feels mild, firm and flexible.

Wool blended fabric I. Wool and polyester blended fabric. There are shining spots on the surface under the sun, which lacks the soft and soft feeling of pure wool fabric. Wool polyester (polyester wool) fabrics are crisp but have a hard feel, and it is obviously prominent with the increase of polyester content. The elasticity is better than pure wool fabrics, but the hand feel is not as good as pure wool and wool-acrylic blended fabrics. After gripping the fabric tightly, loosen it, almost no crease. There is also a kind of lamb cashmere, which is a high-grade wool between cashmere and ordinary wool, but there are many fake lamb cashmere on the market. The super soft short plush and pearl velvet are confused, and they are widely used to low quality. Inside the winter clothes.

The identification method is by fire, it is true if it is crushed after burning, and it is false if it is burnt and pasty. The high-quality lamb velvet fabric is used in the inner lining of winter coats. It has strong warmth retention and soft texture, which is very popular among consumers.