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What are the characteristics of Tencel polyester fabric?

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What are the characteristics of Tencel polyester fabric?

Apr 09/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

Tencel polyester fabric is a blend or interweaving of Tencel and polyester. The main components are Tencel and polyester. Polyester fabric has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, not easy to shrink, tall and straight and not easy to crease, but if it is made into clothes, it will not be breathable and oily. It has strong affinity and is easy to be rough and easy to absorb dust. The interweaving of Tencel polyester fabrics perfectly improves the characteristics of polyester fabrics.

The production process of Tencel fabric and polyester blended fabric greatly eases the shortcomings between the two, making the advantages of Tencel polyester fabric more prominent. Tencel polyester is full of elasticity regardless of whether it is wet or dry. It has good abrasion resistance. In addition, the shrinkage rate of Tencel Polyester is relatively small, and it is not easy to crease. It has the characteristics of straight and flexible. Tencel Polyester is softer than the warp direction, but has higher strength in the warp direction.

Tencel polyester fabric improves the airtightness and perspiration resistance of polyester. The addition of Tencel makes Tencel polyester more wicking and breathable, and it also has a soft and delicate feel. Tencel polyester has very good wrinkle resistance, so many businesses on the market use Tencel polyester to make summer ladies' dresses, such as one-line skirts, pleated skirts, etc., which are refreshing and breathable, and will not be worn for long periods of time. Wrinkles appear to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.
Tencel polyester is also divided into two types: elastic and non-elastic. The first is non-stretch Tencel. The most popular texture is twill. The appearance style is similar to that of all-tencel fabric, but it has a relatively wide feeling and hardness. It's also better than All Tencel's.

Non-stretch Tencel polyester fabrics are generally used to make comfortable sportswear styles such as casual jackets and casual pants, which are very suitable for outdoor sports.

This material can show the casual and energetic characteristics of young people, giving people a sense of freedom. However, non-stretch fabrics have a worse perspiration wicking effect.

The second type is Tencel T00 fabric. The slight elasticity gets rid of the shackles and gives people a comfortable feeling. It is also suitable for outdoor sports and other clothing materials.

The third type is Tencel polyester stretch fabric with spandex. This type of fabric is composed of polyester spandex core-spun yarn in warp direction and weft direction. It is mostly twill and satin weave. It is mainly suitable for casual pants and women's skirts.