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What are the classifications of common fabrics? (2)

Jul 30/2020 / news / Author: DongJing

4) Wool fabric: a fabric made of wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, and wool-type chemical fiber as the main raw materials. Generally wool is the main material. It is a high-end clothing fabric throughout the year, with good elasticity, wrinkle resistance and firmness. , Durable and wear-resistant, strong warmth, comfortable and beautiful, pure color and other advantages, deeply welcomed by consumers.
5) Purified fiber fabrics: Chemical fiber fabrics are loved by people for their fastness, good elasticity, stiffness, wear resistance and washing resistance, and easy storage and collection. Pure fiber fabrics are fabrics woven from pure chemical fibers. Its characteristics are determined by the characteristics of its chemical fiber itself. Chemical fiber can be processed into a certain length according to different needs, and woven into silk, cotton, hemp, elastic wool, medium-length wool and other fabrics according to different process