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What are the methods of lamb hair care?

Oct 26/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

Lamb wool coats cannot be washed. Like wool coats, they will shrink and deform. If there is no dry cleaning, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Wash by hand to avoid severe friction

Because of the particularity of the fabric, it is made of suede and lamb hair, so rough and severe friction should be avoided when cleaning to prevent abrasion of the fabric. (It is normal for the color to fade slightly during the cleaning process) Generally, it is recommended to send it to a professional laundry for commercial washing. If you choose to wash it by hand, the water temperature should be around 30 degrees, and you should never use higher temperature water for cleaning, as it will easily fade seriously. Turn over the lamb wool coat before washing, and do not wash it with other clothes to avoid staining. Put the neutral detergent first and then add water to fully dissolve the detergent. Put the soaked lamb wool coat into the water. The key to how to wash the lamb wool coat lies in the cleaning of the key dirty parts and the neckline. Wash by squeezing and rubbing the rest. Pat and rub the area gently. Next, rinse with water at about 30℃. After washing, you can add the softener according to the instructions according to personal preference and soak for about 5 minutes to feel better. Squeeze out the water from the lamb's wool coat after washing. After washing, you can't twist it, only squeeze it. It can be placed neatly into a dehydration bag, and then dehydrated by the dehydration drum of the washing machine. Spread the dehydrated clothes flat on a table with towels, measure them to their original size with a ruler, arrange them into a prototype by hand and dry them in the shade, spread them flat or hang them to dry. Do not expose to the sun to cause deformation and discoloration.

2. Do not twist

Do not wring it after hand washing. Washing and drying in the washing machine will cause the clothes to deform. Just squeeze it down with your hands. After a few times, you can put it in a dehydration bag and use the dehydration drum of the washing machine to dehydrate.

3. Hang to dry

When hanging to dry, remember to avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight and high temperature will damage the texture and chemical stability of the suede on the surface of the clothes.

4. Iron can not be used for ironing, but hanging jet ironing is possible

Ironing with an iron at high temperature will burn the suede surface of the suede to death, resulting in the appearance of a glossy surface and destroying the original effect of the fabric. It is recommended to use a hanging air jet ironing. After ironing, use a soft brush to gently follow one direction Smooth out the fur on the suede, because the fur of the suede will only show a uniform color when facing the same direction.

5. Salt cleaning method-local stains

(1) Apply a lot of salt to the stain, and use a soft brush to gently scrub until the stain is removed.

(2) Shake off the salt from the lamb's wool coat.

(3) Use a soft hair comb and a hair dryer to treat the lamb hair, wait until the salt is completely shaken off, and the lamb hair is blown until fluffy.

6. Salt cleaning method-overall cleaning method

(1) Place the lamb wool coat in a large plastic bag, and put an appropriate amount of salt.

(2) Shake the plastic bag vigorously until the salt becomes dirty.

(3) Shake all the salt off the lamb's wool coat vigorously.

(4) Use a soft hair comb and hair dryer to treat the lamb hair, wait until the salt is completely shaken off, and the lamb hair is blown until fluffy.