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What is particle wool fabric?

Mar 18/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

The surface of the coat is granular: a coat made of woolen material spun with granular wool yarn
After special treatment, the granular wool fabric has the characteristics of antistatic, strong warmth, and lightness. And this kind of fabric can be compounded with all fabrics. For example, the compound of granular wool and leather grain is what we call granular wool coat.

Preservation of pellet wool coat

1. Store clothing in a ventilated and dry place, avoid places with high humidity and volatile gases, and try to reduce the air humidity to prevent odorous gases from polluting the clothing.
2. Be sure to protect the shape of the garment, and prevent it from being deformed or wrinkled. When hanging, the clothes should be straightened to prevent deformation, and a certain distance should be kept between the hangers. Don't put them in random piles; avoid strong light when drying, or dry the reverse side to avoid fading of the clothes.

Washing of granular wool coat

Particle wool coats are much easier to care for than pure cashmere, wool and other fabrics in terms of washing and care. Because the fabric is processed through many processes. Before washing, we must first check the washing water mark of the clothes, whether it can be washed with water, whether it can be bleached with chlorine, the maximum temperature that can be washed, whether it is necessary to wash the back side, and other precautions to avoid incorrect washing and damage to the clothes. In order to ensure the effect of clothes, it is best to send them to a professional dry cleaner for washing and maintenance.

Particle wool introduction

(1) The main component of wool is protein. After 100% wool is burned, it will be powdery with a burnt smell.
(2) It is mixed with other chemical fiber materials, such as notoginseng hair, which is in the form of granules and has a slightly unpleasant taste, but does not affect the appearance quality.
(3) If the ingredients are all chemical fiber raw materials (ie fake hair), scorching tumors appear, which are sticky lumps.
The chemical composition of wool is actually similar to that of human hair, so you can take a small amount of wool to light it and smell it. If it is the same as burning human hair, it is basically true and you can rest assured.

1. Chemical fiber raw materials: to a certain extent, it can imitate the softness of all wool, and the hand feels smooth. Chemical fiber raw materials are just imitating the shape. If you are pursuing quality, choose products made of all wool materials.

2. Panax notoginseng (only 30% wool): Although the wool content is low, the wool surface is fluffy and soft, the hand feels smooth, the resilience is slightly lower than that of the whole wool, and the warmth is good. The post-process treatment is the same as that of the whole wool. , The price is reasonable.

3. All wool raw materials: the hair is fluffy and soft, the hand feels smooth, and the resilience is good. After packing and compressing, it can be restored to its original shape after being hung. After the later process, the hair density is higher than that of the fur, and the warm and warm performance is doubled. It is light and warm, noble and elegant. It is the best choice for women pursuing a quality life.

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