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What is the composition of imitation mink hair and the difference from real mink hair

Jun 01/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

What is the composition of imitation mink hair? Most of the imitation mink hair is mainly composed of chemical fiber blended fabrics made of polyester, cotton, polyester fiber fabrics, etc., and some imitation mink hair is made of raccoon hair, rabbit hair and other different varieties of chemical A cotton fabric made of a mixture of fiber raw materials. The well-made imitation mink fur is bright in color, smooth in touch, soft and firm, rich in down, close to the body and cold and warm, and is an excellent new material for winter clothes.
Mink-like materials are often used in the field of clothing after processing. Clothes and trousers made of mink-like wool are very prone to electrostatic induction. In normal applications, the friction with the hard block should be minimized to avoid large electrostatic induction irritation. human body. When wearing imitation mink clothes, pay special attention not to touch sharp objects to avoid damage to the clothes and pants.
The difference between imitation mink and real mink:
1. Synthetic fur is a bit opaque to the touch, a bit sticky, dull, burnt with fire and smells hard, and hard when ignited; while real fur is small animal fur, it feels like hair, smooth and clean Smooth, high protein content, good air permeability, it has a pronounced taste of show fever after roasting it with fire, and the embers are powdery.
2. Most people think that the more needles on the surface of the mink, the better, and the brighter the light, the better. That is not correct! The reason is that the surface of the low-grade mink has long and thick needle hairs. Therefore, it will be bright under the reflective surface of the sun or light effect, and the surface of the coat made of short-haired velvet will also have a delicate gloss.