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What is the composition of imitation mink hair

May 05/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

Most of the imitation mink hair is mainly composed of polyester, cotton, polyester fibers, etc., and some imitation mink hair is made of raccoon hair, rabbit hair and other different kinds of chemical fiber materials. of textiles. The well-made imitation mink fur is smooth in color, smooth in hand, soft and firm, rich in plush, close to the body and warm, and is an excellent new material for winter clothes.
Mink-like materials are mostly used in the apparel industry after they are made and processed. Clothes made of mink-like hair are prone to static electricity. During normal use, try to avoid friction with hard objects to prevent too much static electricity from irritating the body. When wearing imitation mink clothes, be careful not to touch sharp objects to prevent the clothes from being damaged and shedding hair.
The imitation mink clothing marked with the washing symbol can be washed with water after it is dirty, but try not to put it in the washing machine for cleaning, and try to wash it by hand when cleaning, so as to not easily hurt the clothes. After the imitation mink clothes are washed, they should be laid flat to dry. After the clothes are dried, they should be stacked instead of hanging in the wardrobe, so that the service life will be long.

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