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What is the difference between artificial fur and artificial leather?

Apr 30/2020 / news / Author: DongJing

1. Artificial fur
Artificial fur refers to the use of weaving, knitting or gluing to form piles of varying lengths on the surface of the fabric, which has the appearance and wearability close to that of natural fur.
Knitted artificial fur refers to the use of plush tissue on the knitting fur machine, which is made of acrylic fiber, chlorinated fiber or viscose fiber, and forms a layer structure similar to needle hair and fluff on the fabric surface. Its appearance is similar to natural fur, and it has good thermal insulation, breathability and elasticity.
Woven artificial fur is a double-layered pile-up structure, which forms pile on the surface of the fabric after cutting. This kind of artificial fur fleece has firm consolidation, neat plush, good elasticity, warmth and breathability can be similar to natural fur.
Man-made curly fur is a method of gluing, which is made of various woven, knitted or non-woven fabric base fabrics with lambskin-like curly yarns, thereby forming a natural fur appearance. Its surface is similar to natural flower curls, soft plush, light texture, good heat retention and moisture permeability, not easy to corrode, easy to wash and dry, and is widely used in various aspects.

2. Artificial leather
Artificial leather is mainly coated on cotton, chemical fiber cloth and other base fabrics, coated with vinyl, nylon, etc., so that the surface has a structure similar to natural leather. Compared with natural leather, vinyl-coated artificial leather has many advantages, such as good durability, good elasticity, good elasticity, not easy to deform, easy to wash, etc., but it lacks breathability and water absorption, which affects the comfort of wearing. The artificial leather made of nylon resin is better than the vinyl-coated artificial leather, adding a certain effect of breathability and moisture permeability.
Polyurethane synthetic leather is a kind of artificial leather developed in recent years, which is currently widely used. The reason is that this synthetic leather uses polyurethane with a microporous structure as the surface layer, and a non-woven fabric made of polyester fiber as the base fabric, which has good water resistance and wear resistance, and improves its water vapor permeability. It has a good simulation effect and a fiber structure similar to animal leather. In addition, it is easy to wash, easy to sew, easy to repair, and cheap, so it has become a widely used product.