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What is the difference between fleece and fleece?

Mar 24/2022 / news / Author: DongJing

Both polar fleece and fleece fabrics are commonly used in the production of sweaters and coats. What is the difference between these two fabrics? You can learn from the following three aspects:
1. The production process is different
Polar fleece is to make the fabric "shake", dye the fabric that has been woven, and then put it into the machine and roll it for shaking, so that the surface of the fabric produces small ball-like particles, which is what we can see with the naked eye. "Shake".
The fleece process is a production process that produces shorter piles on the surface of the fabric, making the fabric more distinctive, softer and more comfortable.
2. The composition of the fabric is different
Polar fleece is generally a full polyester fabric. Since the polyester fabric itself is not wear-resistant, it is easy to pilling. The pilling problem can be solved by the treatment of polar fleece and its wear resistance can be increased;
Fleece depends on what kind of fabric is made of fleece. This is because many kinds of fabrics can be made of fleece, such as polyester fiber and polyester, but generally several kinds of fabrics are blended and then fleece treated. , This fleece fabric is more wear-resistant and not easy to pilling.
3. Different warmth retention
Fleece is slightly warmer than fleece. Polar fleece fabrics are generally thicker, with double-sided fleece and single-sided fleece, which are more windproof and warm;
The fleece fabric is slightly thinner, and is generally worn as an inner layer of underwear and a bottoming shirt, and its warmth retention is slightly worse than that of polar fleece.