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What kind of fabric is mink velvet? Can mink wool be washed?

Sep 17/2021 / news / Author: DongJing

Mink velvet is a relatively new type of clothing fabric. It is more expensive and often used to make high-end clothing, such as the "mink coat" that we often hear. High praise from consumers.
Mink fleece is made of mink fur as the raw material. After processing, it can be used in the production of clothing. Because the raw materials are relatively rare and the processing process is relatively complicated, it is generally only used in the field of high-end clothing. Begonia velvet is common. Mink velvet is soft to the touch and has a strong fabric. It is generally treated with a washing process, so the suede is plump and has a smooth color. It will not fall off under normal wear and will not irritate the skin. It can be close to the body. Dressed.
The entire garment making process of mink fleece will undergo needle removal, trimming and other treatments. These treatments can maximize the warmth and comfort of the fur. This will not only not look bloated like other wool, but will also appear more gorgeous and light. At the same time, its coloring and fixing properties are very good. This type of clothing will have more diversified color choices, and the stability of the cloth surface is better. Therefore, the clothing can be processed by embossing, and there are also very good styles and shapes. Large room for play.
Can mink wool be washed?
The quality and price of mink velvet are relatively high. Incorrect washing methods will seriously shorten the life of clothing. First of all, mink velvet can be washed, but it must be washed by hand instead of machine, because such clothing will be relatively large. Before washing You can use a soft brush to clean the dust on the surface first, then place it in a water basin to soak it, add a neutral detergent, and gently scrub in one direction. After washing it, rinse it with water. If possible, you can The clothes are put in a laundry bag for dehydration. The whole washing process is complicated and time-consuming. The washing frequency of this kind of clothes is very low. Friends who don't know how to wash it are recommended to go to a dry cleaning shop.
How to identify the quality of mink velvet:
1. The most direct way is to touch with your hands. The bottom of the fabric is soft and will not collapse. All mink velvets are of better quality. If collapse is found, the cloth is hard and bald or lacking Substandard.
2. Then you can use air blowing to identify mink velvet, blowing air against the fluff of the clothes, the quality is better if the suede is flat and does not appear knotted.
3. It can also be identified by observing the coat color of mink velvet. The one with uniform color and luster is better quality mink velvet.
4. Finally, it can be identified by smelling it through the nose. Good mink velvet does not have any chemical odor.