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What should I pay attention to when cleaning and maintaining Light Bean Green Faux Fur Fabric?

Jun 14/2024 / news / Author: DongJing

Cleaning and maintaining Light Bean Green Faux Fur Fabric is the key to maintaining its beauty and extending its life. Here are some things to pay attention to when cleaning and maintaining this fabric with Double-Sided Brush Pattern:

1. Cleaning method
Dry cleaning first: It is recommended to give priority to dry cleaning to ensure that the fabric is not damaged and maintain its original softness and luster.
Washing precautions: If you choose to wash with water, please use cold or warm water (no more than 30°C) and avoid using hot water to avoid damaging the fiber structure and bristles.
Use special detergents: Use special detergents for plush or synthetic fibers and avoid using bleach or strong alkaline detergents.
2. Bristle care
Avoid excessive friction: During the cleaning process, avoid excessively rubbing the fabric with hard objects or brushes to avoid the bristles from falling off or deforming.
Gently pat: If there is dust or debris on the fabric, you can gently pat it or use a soft brush to gently brush it off.
3. Drying method
Avoid direct sunlight: The fabric should be placed flat in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight that may cause the fabric to fade or harden.
Do not use a dryer: Do not use a dryer or hot air for drying, as high temperatures will damage the fiber structure and bristles.
4. Storage method
Keep dry: Make sure the fabric is dry during storage to avoid mold or deterioration caused by a humid environment.
Avoid heavy pressure: The fabric should not be folded or pressed for a long time to avoid deformation or flattening of the bristles.
5. Daily maintenance
Regular cleaning: Clean the fabric regularly to keep it neat and beautiful.
Check the bristles: Check regularly whether the bristles have fallen off or deformed. If necessary, use a soft brush to gently comb.
6. Special stain treatment
Oil stain treatment: For stubborn stains such as oil stains, you can use a special detergent or alcohol to gently wipe, but be sure to test a small area on an inconspicuous part of the fabric first.
7. Precautions
Avoid contact with sharp objects: In daily use, avoid direct contact between the fabric and sharp objects to avoid scratching or damaging the fabric.
The above methods can effectively clean and maintain Light Bean Green Double-Sided Brush Pattern Faux Fur Fabric, keeping it beautiful and comfortable for a long time.