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A brief introduction to spinning

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A brief introduction to spinning

Dec 03/2020 / news / Author: DongJing

The purpose of spinning is to wind the cotton yarn entering the factory into a package of a certain structure and specifications, which is suitable for knitting production. In the spinning process, it is necessary to eliminate some defects on the yarn, and at the same time make the yarn have a certain uniform tension, and perform necessary auxiliary treatments on the yarn, such as waxing and oiling, to improve the knitting performance of the yarn. Improve production efficiency and improve product quality
Common ones are:
   (1) polyester
   (2) Nylon (nylon)
   (3) Pure cotton, divided into combed, semi-combed, and carded cotton
   (4) viscose fiber
   (5) Blended, for example T/C cloth is a yarn blended with a certain proportion of cotton and polyester yarn
   (6) Spandex, such as DuPont Lycra
   (7) hemp
   (8) Modal fiber is a kind of pure natural wood pulp fiber with better performance than cotton
   (9) composite yarn, two different materials of chemical fiber combined together
   (10) Soybean fiber, fiber extracted from soybean

(1) Direct dye
   (2) Reactive dyes
   (3) Disperse dyes
   (4) Overflow dyeing
  (5)High temperature and high pressure dyeing
   (6) Dyeing of rails, often called dyeing of large cars and long cars
   (7) sanding, sanding, opening fiber
   (8) Coating, silver-coated glue, white glue, colored glue, pearl glue, Youli glue
   (9) composite, two or more different fabrics are attached together
   (10) Printing, machine printing, hand printing, flatbed machine, rotary screen machine, manual platen, thermal transfer printing, paint, dye
   (11) Calender, track, embossing